Some People Are Saying Taylor Swift Tried to Bury the Hatchet With Katy Perry, Was Denied

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A CB Investigation
Left Shark may provide clues about Swift-Perry beef.

The “Bad Blood” is still pumping, so don’t expect Taylor Swift and Katy Perry to reconcile anytime soon.

A source claims Swift attempted to reach out — it sounds like literally, physically — to Perry at the 2015 Grammys, and that Perry wasn’t having it. Oh, and then there’s the fact that a source — unclear if it’s the same one — says Perry is prepping Swift diss track for her Prism followup.

According to a (very sketchy-seeming) publication called Venture Capitalist Post, sources claim that Swift “extended her arms to Katy but [Katy] ignored it.” Sick burn! Furthermore, they claim, “Taylor’s tried to reach out to make amends with Katy, but Katy is not going to accept it nor is she interested in having a friendship with Taylor.”

What’s next for these two embattled pop queens? Well, for one thing, Swift is not, despite rumors, bringing Kanye West on board to remix her Perry diss track, “Bad Blood.” But according to a “source,” Perry has some plans of her own: “Of course she will leave room on her album for a diss track about Taylor Swift. Katy loves controversy and the feud with Taylor is great for that. She is definitely going to write a new song based on how two-faced she thinks Taylor is.”

The likelihood of any of this being true? Maybe two percent. But we want to believe. And, too, Perry calling Swift out for being “two-faced” is nothing new.

The Swift-Perry feud began (publicly) late last summer, when Swift announced that she’d written a song about a female pop star who tried to “sabotage” her career. Fans put the pieces together and realized she was talking about Perry. Then, Perry fueled the flames with an iconic subtweet. There have also rumors that the two are secretly fighting over John Mayer, whom both have dated. (Perry and Mayer, in fact, reconciled recently and are reportedly together again.)

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