Celebrate Justin Bieber’s 21st Birthday with His Hottest Shirtless Pics

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Justin Bieber's Surprise Ellen Appearance
Find out why Justin was TOTALLY freaked out

Happy 21st Birthday, Justin Bieber!

It’s been an eventful past couple of years for the pop singer, to say the least. From DUI to assault charges, he’s seen it all. Which is why Comedy Central‘s Roast of Justin Bieber will be one for the books. For one hour, Bieber’s friends and colleagues will have the opportunity to taunt and tease him. As an added bonus, comedian and close pal,Kevin Hart, has agreed to host.

“He’s 100 percent nervous. It’s not even a half-question. He’s like, ‘Hey so Kev, you’re going to take it easy, right?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely not,'” Hart told Ryan Seacrest last month.

“It’s going to be a tough day for Biebs. The good news is that he knows I love him. The good news is that he knows I’m a real friend, so it’s no-holds-barred. I get to let loose. It’s going to be dope.”

You can watch the Roast of Justin Bieber on Comedy Central on Mar. 30.

Now, launch the gallery above to celebrate Bieber’s birthday with his hottest shirtless moments.