Khloe Kardashian’s Fitness Secrets Revealed: Find Out How to Get Her Abs

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Khloe Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian‘s secrets are being revealed! Well, her fitness secrets that is.

There’s no denying that Kardashian looks amazing these days, her body looks awesome. So, her trainer is breaking down the secrets to getting Kardashian’s incredible abs. Check out the tips below!

Trainer Gunnar Peterson has been working with Kardashian and the rest of her family for many years now. He really knows how to get them into shape and looking great. His training skills are helping Kardashian get into the best shape of her life, and she’s been showing the weight loss results on Instagram.

So, how can all of us get abs like Kardashian? Peterson revealed to E!, “Your stomach is an organ that digests—your abdominals are the muscles you exercise. The key is reducing body fat so that the abs you have earned are visible. Play with your diet, use a nutritionist, nothing drastic, just be smart about it.”

The trainer went on to add, “Your core muscles fire first with any movement so they are always in the picture. Mix up your approach with a variety of movements, resistance loads and rep schemes and you will flush them out—assuming your food and recovery are on point. They are right there under the rest of that stuff!”

To get her abs, Kardashian does the side hip bridge, ab extensions on the slide and kneeing a heavy bag! Peterson revealed, “She gets after [to the gym] every day and does not miss. She works hard, she’s intense, and she makes the right choices outside of the gym. That’s her ‘secret,'”

In addition to the tips above, Kardashian revealed on Instagram that she turns to the waist trainer to help shape her waist.

Here’s a picture of Kardashian’s abs to give you some motivation.