Man Gets Tattoo of The Dress: What Colors Did He Use?

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The Dress
CREDIT: Tumblr

Daniel Howland just got a tattoo of The Dress, yes that dress.

After social media exploded over The Dress last week, the 24-year-old decided to get the tattoo on his leg. But, what colors  is the dress? Check out the pictures below!

Last week, the Internet went crazy over the dress below, even celebs Taylor Swift and Mindy Kaling got in on #TheDressDebate. People couldn’t decided whether it was blue and back or white and gold.

(The actual dress is blue and black, btw)

The Dress

So, as a result, Howland decided he would get the tattoo. The tattoo artist, Nick York, posted a picture of the tattoo on Instagram. While York is team #whiteandgold, Howland appears to be #teamblueandblack.

Did this tonight! #teamwhiteandgold #thedress

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Looking at his Instagram, it seems like Howland has a sense of humor about the entire thing.


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