Here’s That Gross Mentos and Coke Bathtub Video Everyone’s Been Talking About

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Taylor and Olivia's Commercial
Remember Taylor Swift's Diet Coke ad?

There’s nothing quite like spending some cold hard cash on two of America’s favorite foods: Mentos and Coke Zero. A video experiment starring those two items is making the Internet rounds again, some 10 months after it was created because well, that’s how viral videos work sometimes.

In the video, a young man from Japan can be seen sticking many, many pieces of the Freshmaker using tape before dunking himself in a tub filled with many, many open bottles of Coke Zero.

If you’ve been following the Mentos and Coke headlines of the last 12 months, you’ll recall that a gentleman conducted a Mentos suit experiment last June (and survived to re-watch his Vine over and over again).


Watch the bathtub variety, above.


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