Tuesday Ten: 10 Celebrity Nail Polish Colors You’ll Love This Season

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Now that we’ve welcomed March (which is still so weird… Wasn’t it December like two days ago?), spring is just a few weeks away, and that means it’s time to switch up our style.

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Though saying hello to florals, pastels, skirts and sandals is an exciting factor in the transition from winter to spring, the weather hasn’t exactly permitted such a drastic change quite yet. So how can we get in the spirit of March and look forward to a future of warmer months ahead? A good ol’ manicure.

February and March are typically the months celebrities start wearing lighter and brighter colors on their digits, going back to storing the deep-hued polishes for the end of the year. We did some research during awards season and fashion weeks and gathered that the most fashionable stars will likely be rocking pastel, bright white and royal blue manicures in the upcoming months.

So if you’ve been struggling over the gazillion colors at your nail salon, here’s some guidance: Check out all the celeb-inspired nail colors for spring by launching the gallery above!