Taylor Swift Has the Weirdest Way of Avoiding the Paparazzi

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Why Taylor Is Magical
Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" has the ability to stop babies from crying.

Even though Taylor Swift looks pretty much ***flawless every waking hour (see: her gym photos for proof), there are some days when the songstress doesn’t feel camera-ready. So what happens when she runs into a swarm of paparazzi at a time when she’s not prepared to have her photo taken?

Apparently, this.

In perhaps one of the weirdest videos of all time, the “Blank Space” singer employs an shutterbug avoidance technique that requires her to behave like someone learning to moonwalk. Guided by her bodyguard, Swift is seen walking backward out of her garage before spinning around and jumping into an awaiting car.

All in all, the whole thing is strangely mesmerizing. Watch it unfold — above.

[h/t: Gawker]