Social Media Quitter Iggy Azalea Officially Postpones Tour

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Iggy Azalea performs on stage at CBS Radio's We Can Survive concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA
Bye, Iggy!
Iggy Azalea has now made her exit from two social media platforms

Iggy Azalea is off Twitter, off Instagram, and now she’s off her touring schedule.

The Wrap reports that Azalea’s “The Great Escape Tour,” her first headlining arena tour in North America, is “on the verge of cancellation.” Why? Well, believe it or not, Azalea’s recent abandonment of social media has something to do with it. According to The Wrap, “several individuals with knowledge” say Azalea “refuses to engage in promotion.”

There is also, apparently, the matter of Azalea being “increasingly unresponsive to her management” and “disengaged from her core team.”

Giving this report more weight is the fact that tickets for Azalea’s shows don’t appear to be selling well. There are still plenty of seats available for many of her shows, including the April 21 show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Azalea quit Twitter last month after an endless string of problematic statements and feuds with other artists (and Papa John’s Pizza). She then quit Instagram last week. Her management is currently running both accounts.

Just one month ago, Azalea told GQ, “It’s my first arena tour. And I’d like it to not be my last arena tour.” Well, I-G-G-G-Y, if that’s true, you may need to step up your game.

UPDATE: Azalea has officially postponed “The Great Escape Tour.” According to Billboard, Azalea’s label, Def Jam, explained the delay as a way “to accommodate for creative team availability and tour productions.” Azalea’s reps also denied reports of trouble between Azalea and her management. See the complete list of new tour dates here.


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