Zelena Forever: A Look at Selena Gomez and Rumored Boyfriend Zedd’s Musical (and Romantic) Chemistry

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Zelena at the Oscars
Selena Gomez and Zedd spotted at VF after party.

Last week, pop music’s new favorite (maybe) couple, Selena Gomez and Zedd, dropped “I Want You to Know,” their new single that’s currently sitting on the No. 17 spot of the Billboard Hot 100.

Who would’ve thought that we might’ve never had this brilliant collaboration if Zedd didn’t have to pee?

According to Billboard, “I Want You to Know” marks Zedd’s fourth Top 20 Hot 100 hit to date. “Clarity” reached No. 8 in 2013, “Stay the Night” made it to No. 18, and Ariana Grande‘s “Break Free” (which Zedd guest appeared on) climbed to No. 4.

Gomez, meanwhile has rocked the Hot 100 chart with two singles, most recently with “The Heart Wants What it Wants” peaking at No. 6.

Last week, Zedd assured fans that the “I Want You to Know” music video is slowly but surely reaching levels of perfection and that the clip will drop some time this week.

As the world patiently waits for the video (and a good excuse to make new screenshots of the pair), launch the gallery, above, for some of #Zelena’s cutest moments together so far.