Ariana Grande Doesn’t Mind that Big Sean Raps About Her “Million Dollar” Vagina

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Although he’s been willing to talk about her before, Big Sean remains pretty low-key when it comes to dishing secrets about his relationship with Ariana Grande… Until now.

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Sean shows no boundaries when rapping about his 21-year-old girlfriend on his new album Dark Sky Paradise. One of the songs titled “Stay Down” gives us some serious TMI about the duo’s love affair.

“I got a million-dollar chick with a billion-dollar p—y/Every time I come, I swear to God I feel rich,” he raps in the song.

So how does Grande feel about the NSFW lyrics? Surprisingly, she’s not at all embarrassed, supporting her beau and all his music.

“I don’t have to run it by my girl, but she hears,” Big Sean tells Rolling Stone . “I played her the whole album before it came out, so she heard everything.”

He continue, “She’s super supportive. It’s cool, because she was a fan of mine before anything. The first thing she said when she met me was, ‘Yo, I love your music,’ and she rapped my verse from ‘Gang Bang’ with Wiz Khalifa. She was just an actress on TV at the time. She’s very open-minded. I’m proud of her.”

The rapper gushed that, despite having a No.1 album right now and a lot of success in his career, she’s the thing that makes him happiest.

“Really, the way it affects my life is being happy, man,” he revealed. “You can’t measure success in anything but being happy, and she’s one of the things that really makes me happy. I appreciate her, and that’s it. I don’t really pay attention to anything else.”

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