Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘I’m Incredibly Close to the Common Woman’

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Goop Talks Bey
Gwyneth Paltrow opens up about her friendship with Beyonce.

Actress, “singer,” entrepreneur, and vagina steaming loverGwyneth Paltrow has a message for the world: she’s just like us.

Earlier this week, CNN Money grilled the Oscar winner on her company, Goop, those expensive products, and whether or not Paltrow is anything remotely close to the common woman:

“I’m incredibly close to the common woman in that I’m a woman and I’m a mother and we are all in a physical body with beating hearts with compassion and love. We are all seekers… we all want fulfillment. We all want to live our best lives. We want to be healthy and happy and squeeze the most we can out of life. I think that’s all women.”

Let that sink in for a bit…


In addition to borrowing a line from the queen of television, Oprah Winfrey, Paltrow also uses words like “edit,” “curate,” and “solutions” in the interview.

And about those fancy-ass products on the Goop site, here’s the big boss’ explanation:

“We have products on the site that are under $10. We have products on the site that are $500. I think the idea is we’re going to find the best thing, whatever it is, at any price point.”

For so much more Goopyness, watch the CNN Money interview, below.