Justin Bieber Is in Trouble — Again

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The saga that is Justin Bieber‘s infamous egging incident will never end.

Jeff Schwartz, the auto mogul whose house was egged by the singer and his friends in 2014, is suing Bieber after his entourage allegedly caused him emotional distress. In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Schwartz claims Bieber’s bodyguard called him a ‘little Jew boy” during an incident on Memorial Day weekend of 2013, in which he attempted to confront Bieber about his reckless driving around their Calabasas, Calif. community.

Schwartz alleges that he had walked over to Bieber and told him to stop speeding in his Ferrari before a bodyguard intervened and called him a “little Jew boy.” He says Bieber’s handler repeatedly asked him, “What are you going to do about it, Jew boy?”

In the lawsuit, Schwartz claims Bieber had also hurled obscenities at his wife and daughter while living in their neighborhood.

Bieber previously pleaded no contest to vandalism and went on probation for the egging incident. He paid $80,000 in repairs.