WATCH: Adam Levine Throws His Microphone, Hits Fan in the Face

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While performing in Toronto, Canada this week, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine ran into some sound problems that he thought could only be fixed by having a small fit in front of a packed house. Unfortunately for the singer, his little meltdown resulted in a fan being hit in the face

After experiencing some issues with his sound equipment, Levine threw his microphone onto the ground — only to have it bounce back up and nail a concertgoer standing front row right in the head. Embarrassed, the “Sugar” crooner later invited the fan onstage to apologize.

“In my flustered state, I might have throw my microphone on the ground, and then it might have bounced off the ground and straight into poor Stephanie’s face,” Levine later told the crowd. “I felt so terribly terrible that perhaps I wounded this young fan, so I brought her onstage as a little distraction while we get our shit together.”

Watch the whole thing unfold — below.