WATCH: Kourtney Kardashian ‘Would Be Down’ for Baby No. 4 with Scott Disick

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Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian just revealed she’d “be down” for a fourth child with Scott Disick.

The 35-year-old made the confession this weekend, despite the fact that Disick was away in rehab at the time. Watch the video below to hear Kardashian talk about baby No. 4!

It’s been an interesting week for Kardashian. Her boyfriend, and father of her three children, Disick, went away to rehab in Costa Rica on March 16.

Then, after only a few days, Disick decided that he was “too busy” to be in rehab and began booking appearances back in the United States.

We should also mention, while Disick was supposed to be getting some help in Costa Rica, he ventured off to a local nightclub. So, that kind of seems like the opposite of what he should be doing.

But, despite all of this, Kardashian is still considering have another child with Disick. She spoke to E! News over the weekend, telling them that she’d “be down” with having another baby. It’s an interesting quote, considering Disick didn’t have the best reaction to baby No. 3. Kardashian does say that this one is “up to Scott” though. Here’s the video.

Over the weekend, Kardashian also spoke about Disick and his recovery. She revealed that he’s “made a lot of progress” so she’s “proud of him.”

Let’s hope he actually made some progress…

Overall, Kardashian is putting on a brave front and at least appears to be handling everything well. She posted the video below to Instagram on Monday (March 23, 2015). It looks like she’s trying to shake off all of the drama.

It's MONDAY! @allierizzo

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What do you think about Kardashian and Disick having another baby? Good idea or bad idea?