Twitter-Quitter Iggy Azalea Thinks Twitter Is Important, Got a Boob Job

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This video of Azalea rapping is... ouch.

As famous as she is for hits like “Fancy” and “Black Widow,” Iggy Azalea is arguably more well-known for her contentious relationship with social media.

Azalea quit both Twitter and Instagram earlier this year, leaving both accounts in the hands of her management team. So when she was asked, during Vogue‘s “73 Questions” series, “What is the most important website”, it’s somewhat bizarre that her answer was “Twitter.”

Here’s a 74th question: If Twitter is so important, Iggy Iggs, then why did you quit using the platform in a huff?

Other topics covered in the eight-minute video: Azalea’s relationship with Nick Young (“He’s completely whacky and spontaneous and insane!”), Dolly Parton, sex change rumors, Missy Elliott, Quentin Tarantino movies, the phrase “on fleek,” dogs, vanilla candles, crazy fans, and much, much more.

Even more surprising than Azalea’s reverence for Twitter? In a separate interview with Vogue, the rapper reveals she got a boob job four months ago:

“It is slightly stunning, then, when I ask the rather routine question, “What would you change about your body?” and she replies, popping a French fry in her mouth and not blinking an eye, “I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life.” She says she was sick of having to sew padding into her stage costumes and wanted to be able to wear lingerie without wiring. At first she resolved never to discuss this publicly; she didn’t want girls—so many of her fans are barely high school age—to feel bad about their own bodies. “But then,” she says, “I decided I wasn’t into secret-keeping.”

Iggy Azalea: into Twitter and boob jobs, just like us.