‘Unbroken’ Star Finn Wittrock Reveals What It’s Really Like Working with Angelina Jolie

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Finn Wittrock, Angelina Jolie

Finn Wittrock is taking over Hollywood. In the past year alone, Wittrock appeared in some of the most talked-about projects in the industry: Unbroken and American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Now, Wittrock is telling us about his acting experiences, and he’s even revealing what it was like working with the director of UnbrokenAngelina Jolie. (Hint: She sounds awesome!)

2014 was a career-changing year for Julliard graduate Wittrock. The 30-year-old actor appeared in films like Noah, Winter’s Tale and Unbroken. The latter of which had everyone rushing to movie theaters this past Christmas.

The film tells the incredible life story of US Olympian Louis Zamperini, and the movie definitely tugged on everyone’s heartstrings this holiday season. When asked how he felt about the reception of the movie, Wittrock, who plays Mac in the movie, told us, “Yeah, you never know how any movie is going to respond to the public. It was very reassuring that people seemed to really embrace the film all over the country and all over the world really. I remember Angie being like, ‘Yeah, we’re screening it to the Pope tomorrow.’ They had a screening at the Vatican. I just yeah, it still comes in, just people who have seen it and are just so moved by it. It’s just good to know that the general public really responded to it.”

What was the audition process like? Wittrock told us, “Our casting director Francine Maisler has been a good advocate of mine, I owe her a lot definitely. She called me in, actually I read for Louis, it was probably like the most intense audition of my life. It was like an hour long and she was kind of like playing ‘The Bird’ and torturing me and made me do push-ups and I was like sweating and crying. I walked out and it was like being at Julliard it was like an acting workshop. Then I didn’t think anything of it, I sort of let it go because that’s what you do. Then a few weeks later I got a call that was like, ‘Angelina would like to meet you at her house. Would you be up for having a meeting?'” Wittrock joked that he responded, “I was like hm let me think about it, I guess I could squeeze that in!”

Wittrock went on to say, “Yeah and she said she was interested in offering me Mac, and I was gung-ho about it. I was fascinated by the part and just happy to be part of the project at all.”

Jolie just recently wrote an op-ed for the New York Times, discussing her decision to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes in order to lower her risk of getting cancer. Wittrock read the op-ed and told us it was “very brave” and that it reflects his experience with her. He told us, “I remember her saying that she just feels like she has a responsibility because she is in the public eye to just be transparent about what’s going on in hopes that she could help one person even.”

Wittrock also landed roles in some amazing TV projects like HBO’s The Normal Heart and FOX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show.

When talking about his time on American Horror Story, Wittrock revealed, “It was wild! A little different than Mac. Yeah, it’s been great, it’s really kind of a character that you rarely get to play. It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Obviously it’s an incredible group of people, and they’re really kind of tight-knit, Ryan Murphy has a family and if you’re a part of it, it’s a very cool thing to sort of be in that club, the ‘cool kids’ club.”

Will he be back for next season? Wittrock told us, “I have no idea what’s happening next season, but we’ll see!” Bring him back, Ryan Murphy!

In the meantime, you can check out Wittrock in Unbroken, which is now available on DVD!