Nick Jonas Has Us in Chains for His Love with New Music Video

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Crazy hot Nick Jonas is being crazy hot again – this time, in his newest music video for “Chains (The Wynwood Walls Edition)”.

Filmed in Miami, FL, we’re shown what a day in the life of Jonas looks like (not really). He goes for a jog, he washes his face wearing a white robe, he smokes a cigar, he parties with friends and hot, body-painted girls, dances in the street and ends up at a festival getting completely splattered with paint while wearing an all-white getup.

Part Puma advertisement (we see the shoes, we get it, Puma) and part sexy dance party where paint is a necessity, this video is a colorful response to his more brooding, dystopian video for the unremixed version of “Chains” (released last summer).

There’s also plenty of graffiti as the backdrop and, of course, chains. The futuristic getups and masks really jive with the dirty sound the remixed song is going for.

Finally, this video is definitely better than his cartoon-ish music video for “Jealous.”

What do we have to do to get on Nick Jonas’s level of life? Watch the 22-year-old sing his way into your heart in his new music video above.

Here’s the video for the first version of “Chains” below: