Jeremy Renner Ends Custody Battle With Ex Sonni Pacheco

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Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco
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Amidst high drama and an intense court battle, Jeremy Renner struck a settlement deal with estranged wife Sonni Pacheco.

By acquiring a legal and joint custody of their two-year-old daughter Ava Berlin, Renner would have to pay $13, 000 a month in child support.

The Mission Impossible 5 actor, Jeremy Renner, can finally heave a sigh of relief after acquiring a 50/50 custody of his daughter Ava with his wife of ten months, Sonni Pacheco.

Though he would have to pay $13k to Pacheco in child support, Renner will not have to pay for spousal support after he claimed that their prenuptial agreement was based on fraud.

The settlement also says that neither Jeremy nor Sonni could “make derogatory or insulting remarks” about each other or either of their families in front of Ava. They’re further restricted from “arguing, yelling or using profanity” directed at each other in front of their child.

The agreement comes after Us Weekly revealed that Renner feared his estranged wife, who was demanding physical custody of their little girl, would attempt to flee the country (she’s British Columbian) with their daughter. In the 23-year-old’s divorce filings, she asked that Renner return her “stolen passport,” while a pal argued, “she just want[ed] independence.”

It sounds like it was a lovely marriage.