Fox Newscaster Fat-Shames Kelly Clarkson: Stay Off the Deep Dish Pizza

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Kelly Clarkson on Weight Criticism: ‘We Are Who We Are’
Let Kelly Clarkson’s powerful words inspire you once again

In the most despicable piece of news today, Fox news anchor and jerk of the month Chris Wallace fat shamed Kelly Clarkson for her weight while on the air in a radio interview.

Proving that Wallace should really just stick to politics, he and radio host Mike Gallagherwent off-topic and started discussing Little Caesar’s bacon-wrapped crust pizza and the 32-year-old singer.

Gallagher, also a Fox news contributor, was the first to bring up the American Idol winner saying, “Listen, don’t fat shame me. You do a lot of fat shaming. That’s the new phrase now. ‘Fat shaming.’ Have you seen Kelly Clarkson? You know the singer, Kelly Clarkson? Holy cow, did she blow up.”

After a pause, Wallace, 67, responded, “Really? Do we want to talk about some of your friends?”

Gallagher replied, “Well, look at me. I got some weight issues. I could take a little bit of weight off.”

Then Wallace gave her a compliment (as if that makes up for anything), saying, “Kelly Clarkson’s got a lovely voice,” before his nasty kicker, “She could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while.”

“Well, she had a baby, but man,” Gallagher added.

Fellow Fox news host Greta Van Susteren is now calling for Wallace to apologize, writing on her website: “This ‘guy snickering’ about her weight is obnoxious. He should apologize.”

Neither Gallagher nor Wallace have responded yet.

Clarkson’s weight was previously called out (also despicably) by journalist Katie Hopkins. Clarkson took the high road when she found out what Hopkins said (amongst other things, “Darling, if you had a baby a year ago, that is not baby weight. It is fat. Quit calling it cute names to make yourself feel better.”), saying:

She’s tweeted something nasty about me? That’s because she doesn’t know me. I’m awesome! It doesn’t bother me. It’s a free world. Say what you will. I’ve just never cared what people think. It’s more if I’m happy and I’m confident and feeling good, that’s always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family – I don’t seek out any other acceptance.

She also touched upon the recent criticism she’s been receiving with Ellen Degeneres, saying in so many words, “we are who we are.”

Clarkson also added, “I yo-yo. Sometimes I’m more fit and I get into kickboxing and hardcore, and then sometimes I don’t and go, ‘Nope, I’d rather have wine!'”

Which is really something all of us go!

So come on people. Let’s stop bashing others about something so inane and irrelevant as a person’s weight (it’s no one’s business, anyways) and act like mature human beings.