Demi Lovato Gets Her ‘Vagina Tattoo’ Covered Up

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Fans get tattoos inspired by Demi Lovato.

Who knew Demi Lovato had a few tattoo regrets?

The “Neon Lights” singer, who has been inked all over her body, recently said goodbye to one of her more noticeable body art by getting the design covered up. Showing off what once was a pair of lips etched on her left forearm, Lovato wrote on her Instagram:

The 22-year-old presumably covered up the pink pout due to the fact that it, um, resembled the labia — as seen below in her 2012 Stay Strong poster.

Lovato’s new design — a rose with stems and a few leaves — now sits next to the word “Stay” inked on her wrist.

The songstress’ other body art include a cross on her right hand, a flock of birds on her arm, Roman numerals on her ribs, and several finger and back tattoos.