Bruce Jenner’s Interview with Diane Sawyer Is ‘a Farewell to Bruce’

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*EXCLUSIVE* Bruce Jenner out getting some flying lessons.

Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer has gotten an air date for April 24th on NBC, in which he is reportedly going to give “a farewell to Bruce.”

According to TMZ, Jenner will publicly “present himself” as a woman for the first time. It was speculated before that he would reveal his name to Sawyer during the two-hour special, but now it’s revealed he will not be dressing as a woman on camera nor will he be revealing his name.

Rather, Jenner will be discussing his journey, mentality, and recalling his life from the age of five (when he first identified himself as a woman).

He will also open up about how his decision to have a sex change has affected his family, and the difficulty of living his life as a man but not feeling like a man.

Furthermore, Jenner will be discussing the “mundane things” that will change in his day to day life, which will be some of the more compelling moments of the show.

According to the news site, Jenner perceives the Sawyer special as “the most significant event associated with his sex change — more significant than the surgical procedures that will get him there.”

He and Sawyer filmed multiple interviews over a period of time. Jenner felt the interview was important as a way to “both free himself and educate the public so others in his position don’t have to go through the pain.”

The former Olympian has been the subject of gossip and hurtful media scrutiny for some time now, as TMZ notes by people who don’t understand or who hold him in contempt for transitioning.