LISTEN: Drake Releases New Song and It’s Not About Madonna, But Could It Be About Rihanna?

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So Drake just released a new song called “My Side” about a struggling romance, and before you hop on the tabloid train of asking “OMG! IS THIS ABOUT MADONNA?” we’re going to stop you because, no.

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The song is part of the upcoming collector’s edition of the rapper’s surprise mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, which is set for release on April 21st.

“My Side” definitely fits with the rest of the album, evoking a late-night vibe and touching on the subject of Drake’s complicated love life.

Drizzy opens the song asking, “Why you never come to where I’m staying? / Always hiding out in your New York condo / Why you never come to where I’m staying? / If anybody knows, girl, you know I know / Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship? / Why are we rushing and forcing it, this isn’t making sense? / Why are we focused on things that don’t even mean nothing, girl? Why can we not find the time to sit down and discuss it girl? Let me at least tell you my side of things, man.”

“My Side” then breaks down his perspective of a failed relationship, and while it’s most certainly NOT about Madonna — we’re honestly just trying to forget that kiss ever happened at all — we can’t help but wonder if it might be about Rihanna.

Not only does that Bad Gal live in New York (and probably one of the few people able to afford a condo in NYC), but she and Drake attempted a relationship multiple times and couldn’t make it work.

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Meanwhile, Rih — whose currently in the middle of battling rumors that she was caught on video doing cocaine — was spotted at Drake’s Coachella performance having the time of her life, despite any history between the two.

A friend of the songstress’ captured a video of her singing along to Drake’s verse during his song “Tuesday,” proving that maybe there’s still some love there!

Listen to Drake’s new song above.