Will Ryan Gosling Be the Next James Bond?

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12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling
Woah. Watch Ryan shake his tail feather.

With Daniel Craig possibly stepping aside from the James Bond franchise after Spectre is released and Ryan Gosling‘s name is reportedly in the mix.

Well, at least because of a Facebook page entitled, We Want Ryan Gosling for James Bond. Who even knows if that Facebook page even exists or if it was something completely made up by the National Enquirer?

Gosling would look pretty dashing in a suit while holding a martini. Eva Mendes could play the Bond girl.

One project that has a better chance of landing Gosling is Guillermo del Toro’s movie adaptation of the classic Disneyland ride The Haunted Mansion.

Gosling and del Toro had been spotted palling around Disneyland in February. In a conversation with Yahoo Movies on Friday, Gosling shed some light on the potential project.

“We’re talking about it,” said Gosling, who is a former Mouseketeer. “That’s my favorite ride. Haunted Mansion is a whole world, it’s not just a ride, so I feel like in Guillermo’s hands it could be amazing.”

Gosling’s current projects include being a cast member of The Big Short, with Brad Pitt, Steve Carrell and Christian Bale. He also stars opposite Russell Crowe in the crime movie The Nice Guys and in an upcoming Terrence Mallick movie.