YouTube Sensation Megan Nicole Talks ‘Summer Forever’ Movie, Reveals Dream of Working with Reese Witherspoon

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Megan Nicole

Most people know Megan Nicole from YouTube. She’s an amazing singer with an incredible voice.

But, this talented 21-year-old is also getting into acting, make her film debut in a new movie called Summer Forever.

We were lucky enough to talk to Megan Nicole about her new movie, her dream co-star (HINT: It’s Reese Witherspoon!), plus she also talked to us about her new partnership with Motorola.

Megan Nicole got her start on YouTube in 2009, posting covers of popular songs. Over the years, her popularity has grown immensely, and she has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. This past Oct., Megan Nicole released her Escape EP, which showed off her amazing voice.

Since so many people (including us!!) love to watch Megan Nicole’s videos on YouTube, we wanted to know: What are some of her favorite videos to watch on YouTube? “I love clips from shows like Ellen and Jimmy Fallon because I don’t usually get much time to watch TV,” Megan Nicole told us. “I also watch parodies of songs. It would be interesting and fun to see a parody of one of my songs one day. You know you’re doing something right when that happens.”

Megan Nicole is now making the transition into acting. When we asked her about her new movie, she spilled some major secrets. “Summer Forever the movie was inspired by my song ‘Summer Forever’ and it follows three best friends on their last weekend together before they leave for college. It is also is a musical, but not in the traditional sense where we burst into song and dance. Each of the songs are placed in the film in a cool way and I already can’t wait for people to see it!”

What made Megan Nicole want to get into acting? “Acting has always been another passion of mine,” Megan told us. “But I’ve put all my attention into music the past few years. I’m stoked because this feature combines my love for music as well!

Since she’s now done both acting and singing, does she prefer one over the other? “They are very different,” Megan Nicole told us, “But in other ways very similar. When I perform on stage I always have to let go and trust myself and now I’m learning to do the same thing with acting. The more I just let go, fall into character, and have fun with it the better the result. I also have to take myself back emotionally to places I’ve been when I sing and have done the same with scenes in the movie. I really enjoy both, and after starting work on this I would love to be a part of more acting projects.”

So, who would Megan Nicole love to act with in the future? “One of my favorite actresses is Reese Witherspoon,” Megan Nicole told us, “Love her so that would be incredible to work with her one day.”

In addition to all of her singing and acting projects, Megan Nicole has just started a new campaign with Motorola. What’s it about? She just spilled all of the details to us! Megan Nicole explained, “I am partnering with Motorola on the #ChooseToStart campaign in support of their new smartphone. Moto E is about starting something new, whether that’s going to a workout class for the first time or creating a channel for YouTube. Motorola is encouraging people to #ChooseToStart something new and share their personal “start story”. I chose to start pursuing music when I was 15 years old and knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. Today I’m choosing to start a few new adventures including acting, learning Spanish, and spreading kindness.”

How can everyone support this campaign?  Megan Nicole told us, “To support #ChooseToStart, I created a video that shares a special peek into my start story, as well as my sister Maddie Taylor’s start story. As a part of the video, I am asking my fans to #ChooseToStart something new and share a photo of them on insta doing that new hobby! We all have to start somewhere and I’m glad to be partnered with a brand that supports this, as we encourage others to #ChoosetoStart.”

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