WATCH: Kendall Jenner Strips Down in Behind the Scenes ‘GQ’ Video

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Kendall Jenner is showing a ton of skin in a new behind the scenes video from her GQ magazine photo shoot.

The 19-year-old model is on the cover of the magazine’s May issue, and now we get to see what went down on set. 

For the magazine, Jenner stripped down to her bikini, and then went completely topless. In the behind the scenes video, you can see Jenner on set, posing for the camera.

In the video, Jenner also talks about taking selfies. “Every girls knows for that one selfie that gets posted there’s like a hundred behind it,” Jenner tells the camera. “The worst thing you can do in a selfie? There’s not really anything bad you can do in a selfie.”

Jenner also reveals in the video that she texts her sister, Kylie Jenner, a lot. “If you really want the truth,” Jenner tells the camera. “I text Kylie so many times and I look like a desperate ex-girlfriend or something because she does not respond to me. She loves me though, but, so that’s okay.”

Check out the video above to hear Jenner reveal what she checks when she wakes up in the morning!