Who Is Rita Ora? Does Anyone Even Know Who She Is?

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Angelina Gets Trashed
Emails from the Sony leaks paint a bad picture of Jolie.

Are you familiar with Rita Ora, the pop singer best known for datingRob Kardashian and being banned from performing at the Teen Choice Awards by Calvin Harris, another ex-boyfriend? No? You are not alone.

Perhaps you recall, late last year, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s system was hacked and thousands of internal emails were made public. This caused some embarrassment for celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio,  and others, though this recently-unearthed email about Ora might win the trophy for Most Mortifying. You see, the email leak was recently uploaded to Wikileaks and is now completely searchable. Perhaps someone who had never heard of Ora decided to search her name for further information, and the uncovered shade is nothing short of iconic.

Franklin Latt, of the Creative Artist’s Agency, emailed Amy Pascal, then Chairperson of the Motion Pictures Group at Sony Pictures Entertainment, with the following message:

“Hi Amy,
Hope you’re well. Excited for you to meet Rita Ora tomorrow. We all sat with her today and she’s an incredible spark…”

Pascal forwarded the email to Anthony Weinraub with the following shady addition:

Do u know her

Sent from my Sony Xperia Z2″

Does it get any better than that?

The good news for Ora is that now we do, in fact, know her. The bad news is that we now remember she’s the one who couldn’t get enough retweets to premiere a new single. See, she’s kind of famous for some things!