Did Kendall Jenner Just Post a Photo of Her Naked Butt?

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Kendall Jenner

Wow! Kendall Jenner just posted a photo of someone’s naked butt on Instagram. But is it hers? Let’s get to the bottom of this…


The 19-year-old model has been showing a lot of skin lately. Last week, she went topless for GQ magazine, and now she’s posting pics of naked butts on Instagram.

Jenner was at Coachella this weekend, and decided to post about the road trip experience on Instagram.

RoadTrippin like

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Why we think it is: While we can’t totally confirm that this is Jenner, because this pic only shows the person’s lower half, it does look similar to the pic she posted on Easter Sunday. But, it wasn’t confirmed that the pic was of Jenner either.

woke up like Hoppy Easter!

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Why we think it isn’t: We just stumbled upon this Instagram photo, the same one Jenner posted, from five months ago.

#chicks and #cars

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Conclusion: Jenner might just be messing with everyone, and decided to post a photo of some random person’s naked butt.

Jenner was the only one posting some scandalous pics over the weekend. The model’s sister, Kylie Jenner, posted some revealing pics. Like this one for example:

chill pool day @ the Disick mansion

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Then, Rihanna just posted one of her own!


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It’s getting hot outside, and it seems like everyone’s stripping down as a result!