That Time Farrah Abraham Tried to Start a Twitter War With a Penis Joke

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Everybody Hates Farrah
Why Farrah Abraham's co-stars basically hate her.
Farrah Cries
Watch Farrah Abraham storm off the set of 'Teen Mom OG.'

Leave it to someone who starred in Backdoor Teen Mom to stir up some shit.

Presumably with nothing better to do with her time, Farrah Abraham decided to start a flame war with Teen Mom OG co-stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley on Monday night while live-tweeting her (very short) appearance on the MTV show. Taking a literal low blow, the porn actress person whose “sex tape” was “leaked” twice poked fun at Shirley’s man-parts in an attempt to rile up rival Portwood, who has a daughter with Shirley.

Unfortunately, Portwood didn’t take the bait. Abraham’s fellow Teen Mom replied:

Though Portwood refrained from getting too involved, Shirley hit back with some fire, taking a dig at Abraham’s career as “sex tape” star and sex toy model.

Oof. Way to go, Farrah. know you need to reevaluate your life choices when you were just out-classed by someone who spent 17 months in jail for violating their probation and another who was once arrested with two sets of handcuffs.