Kendall Jenner Now Looms Over SoHo, New York Like a Calvin Klein Queen

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Justin Bieber has officially been kicked off his podium as the King of the sexiest underwear brand on social media, Calvin Klein, and replaced by his close and cuddly friendKendall Jenner.

There’s a new Queen in town (well, in SoHo, New York), as evident by Jenner’s new looming, massive billboard over Houston Street advertising the brand’s availability at Opening Ceremony. Jenner is the new face of Calvin Klein’s limited edition denim series available at the store staring April 15th, and their website starting May 15th.

Hopefully, Jenner’s billboard does not get egged like young Bieber’s did.


A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Jenner posted this above pic of her new billboard that we shall all now bow down to as we walk the expensive SoHo streets, modestly captioning it, “soho.” Bieber appeared high up back in January, when his(allegedly not photoshopped) bulge debut in the #MyCalvins ads:

However, sometime after his beefy body was plastered over SoHo, it was “egged” with bright yellow paint (according to Animal New York).

Poor Bieber. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and mo probably doesn’t have an “Anti-Jenner League NYC” like Biebs does, so we assume her beautiful face will be fine.