Lindsay Lohan Posts an Inaccurate Arabic Instagram

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Lindsay Lohan Deletes N-Word Instagram
Lindsay Lohan is taking some major heat for using the N-word on Instagram.

Lindsay Lohan seems to be a little lost in translation.

The trainwreck on the mend shared this inspirational Arabic inscription on Instagram captioned with the English translation, “You’re beautiful.”


She then tweeted out a link to her photo with the word “Habibi,” an (accurate) Arabic term of endearment.

Lohan immediately removed the post altogether from social media upon discovering that the quotation actually means, “You’re a donkey.”


Lohan frequently posts inspirational photos and quotes on her Instagram because that’s just how you bounce back in life after being dumped by Oprah.


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Better luck next time, habibi. At least you used the correct ‘you’re’.