Mila Kunis Was Accused of Stealing Some Woman’s Chicken and Here’s How She Responded

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In some of the biggest WTF news of the week, Mila Kunis was accused of stealing a Ukrainian woman’s chicken as a child, and now the woman is suing her — 24 years later.

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The story goes: Kristina Karo was 1 month old and somehow vividly remembers her “best friend” Kunis (who was 7 years old) stealing her chicken named Doggie. Karo says Kunis even confessed to stealing said chicken, saying, “Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm.”

The whole experience caused Karo serious emotional damage, which forced her into therapy, and now she wants Kunis to pay for it — $5,000 in all.

Well, Kunis couldn’t help but respond to the craziness after it gained traction in the media, posting a hilarious MeerKat video with Ashton Kutcher in which she says she was absolutely “devastated” and “weeping” after hearing about it.

However, the actress won’t go down without a fight. She says she will file a countersuit against Karo — who also happens to be a hopeful music artist — for her “Give Me Green Card” music video, which Kunis claims “burned” her eyes and “hurt” her body.

Watch Kunis and Kutcher’s hilarious video response above.