Blac Chyna Shares Texts from Tyga Allegedly Begging for Her to Be with Him

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Blac Chyna continues her shade tour againstKylie Jenner by sharing screen-captures of some very revealing text messages from her ex, and the father of her child, Tyga.

The text messages appear to be from “Kings Father,” and show him begging for her to “Do something or spend a lil time” with “just us 3,” referring to just him, Chyna and their 2-year-old son King.


Tyga allegedly also says things like, “I want to be with u,” “I want to be positive,” “I want to be a family again…Want to start this friendship. Relationship.”

The 25-year-old rapper is rumored to be dating the youngest Jenner, who’s 17 and who he’s seen out and about with quite frequently, but they have only vaguely alluded to their relationship. Meanwhile, Chyna presumably does not approve of her ex’s young girlfriend, given all the shade they’ve been throwing over social media for months on end.

It doesn’t look like Jenner knows what her boyfriend’s been saying to his ex, and it seems like he’s asking for more than just to see their son. Chyna, however, doesn’t budge, doesn’t get all lovey-dovey, and remains rather cold because she’s “busy” (and probably just not that into him).

Plus, there’s the fact that we know how she really feels, since she shared their private messages for all 2.7 million of her followers to see.

Tyga maybe responded to the drama by tweeting,

The authenticity of the texts remain unknown; this could be a real and recent conversation between Tyga and Chyna, or the messages totally could be from months or a year ago.We just don’t know.

Chyna did, of course, include a photo of her work schedule in the message chain, which although super blurry, reveal dates from April, May and June 2015.


Chyna could have also done something really sneaky, and change the name of whoever she was texting to “Kings Father,” and make it seem like the messages were from Tyga when really they were from another friend helping her create a fake post.

Who knows?

Update — Apr. 24, 3:44 p.m. ET:

Jenner posted on Twitter something that could possibly be construed as a response to Chyna, but truthfully it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Did she mean to write “test messages” instead of “tweets”? It’s true that the text in the two side-by-side screen-captures Chyna posted (seen above) have slightly different font sizes.

Or, perhaps her comment totally unrelated to what Chyna posted and she’s just musing about tweeting.