WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal Confesses to Being a Mama’s Boy on ‘Ellen’

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Sorry, Celebuzzers, but if you plan on becoming the next Mrs. Jake Gyllenhaal, you must obtain a stamp of approval from the original Mrs. G first.

Gyllenhaal officially announced his romantic availability on The Ellen DegeneresShow (airing today, April 27, 2015) and confessed to being a bit of a mama’s boy.

The adorable actor revealed to Ellen Degeneres that his signature first date move is bringing prospective lady friends meet his mom at her crib.

My mother believes she thinks arranged marriages might be able to work … She thinks that if she picked for me that I’d do a lot better.

Degeneres dusted off an unexpected skeleton from Gyllenhaal’s closet, sharing his earliest artistic endeavor as a lyricist for Whole Slot, his “really, really bad” high school band.


Reflecting on this epic photo of his rockin’ boy band, Gyllenhaal sighs:

Yeah. That’s one good looking band right there.

In preparation to play an undefeated boxer in his new film Southpaw, the latent lyricist got in killer shape by working out twice a day. His intense training regimen was developed around the principles skills of boxing, which required him to learn how to jump rope like a boss.

Watch your wildest fantasies come to life in this clip of Gyllenhaal jumping rope while simultaneously raising money for charity.

Southpaw comes to theaters on July 24, 2015.