Shay Mitchell Spills ‘PLL’ Season 6 Secrets, Talks Possible Spinoff Show with Ashley Benson

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Shay Mitchell is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, but her beauty goes way beyond her looks. Mitchell is kind, creative and an extremely hard worker.

We had the chance to sit down with Mitchell over the weekend at an event for Palm Breeze, and she spilled some major secrets about life and Pretty Little Liars. Check out our exclusive interview below!

Our interview with Mitchell went down at the launch party for Palm Breeze, a new line of flavored drinks. Mitchell recently partnered with the company and we asked her all about the collaboration. “It was honestly such an organic collaboration because Palm Breeze they also have in Canada (where Mitchell is from) and that’s where all of my memories come from,” Mitchell told us. “Having Palm Breeze on a boat and laughing with my girlfriends, and it’s just the idea that no matter where you are you can have a vacay every day.”

Palm Breeze Launch

(Actress Shay Mitchell hosted the launch party for Palm Breeze, a new sparkling alcohol spritz from Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Co., at the Viceroy Santa Monica, Saturday, April 25, 2015.)

Mitchell has found great success as Emily Fields on PLL. The show’s season 5 finale shocked everyone back in March, and we had to ask Mitchell all about it.

How far in advance did she know what was going to go down in the episode? “Honestly we get it about two days ahead of time,” Mitchell told us. “For the finales and the premieres we honestly don’t get to see the script until we’re in the room. Our names are sprawled across it, like if we lose it, we’re fired. We’re all so tight-lipped about it. Whenever I leave it in my car I have to run back, take the script out of my care because I’m nervous! What if somebody walked by?”

It sounds like Mitchell and the rest of the cast are very protective over the show and want to keep it a secret for the fans to be surprised. “It’s obviously a huge secret and we obviously don’t want the fans to find out ahead of time, so we keep it under wraps.”

After filming the season 5 finale, the cast had some time off. Now, they are back on set, filming season 6. “We have started filming,” Mitchell told us. “We’re actually into like the fourth episode I want to say, maybe the third, it all kind of blends into one.”

Palm Breeze Launch

(Actress Shay Mitchell sits for media interviews as host of the launch party for Palm Breeze, a new sparkling alcohol spritz from Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Co., at the Viceroy Santa Monica, Saturday, April 25, 2015 in Santa Monica, Calif.)

So, what can we expect this upcoming season? “You find out what happens after what we just saw, where it left off. Where the girls were trapped and we find out who trapped them, why they were trapped, and if they stay in there forever or if they manage to escape. So it is going to answer a lot of questions that I know the fans have, like ‘Who is Charles?’ So that will be found out later on.”

The girls of PLL had been separated while the show was on hiatus. So, what’s it like reuniting with Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario? “It’s so fun,” Mitchell told us. “Honestly everybody always wants to be like, ‘Oh so is there any craziness? What’s the drama?’ And I’m like, we couldn’t be closer. All of us girls are like sisters, obviously you don’t hang out with your sisters all of the time, but when you see them it’s amazing. So when we go to work it’s always so much fun, we’re completely different from one another. It makes it so much more fun to come to work because have different stories, we did different things on the weekends, and we get to catch up. Especially after not seeing them for three months, it was nice to be back together again.”

It sounds like the three girls really are like sisters. “Troian’s my older sister and I have two twin younger sisters AKA Lucy and Ashley,” Mitchell told us. “So sometimes I give advice to them, and then I think any beauty or any sort of entertaining advice they come to me.”

Fans of Mitchell and Benson love when they post Instagram videos together, like the one below:

No I'm Beyoncé.. Lol. @itsashbenzo

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So, would they ever do a reality show together? “Possibly,” Mitchell revealed. “I think she’s going to do a couple of YouTube videos with me, so that’s going to be fun. Yeah, we’re going to bring ButtahBenzo to my YouTube channel.”

What about a spinoff show for their characters Emily and Hannah? “I mean that would very fun,” Mitchell told us. “I might have to talk to the writers about that. I think the fans are going to be pleasantly surprised to see what’s going to take place in the second half of our season because we jump ages. So we actually graduate college in the second half of season 6.” We can’t wait to see the age jump!

Mitchell sounds really happy about it too. “I’m really excited because it will be fun to play a more mature version of Emily,” she told us.


(Actress Shay Mitchell hosted the launch party for Palm Breeze and toasted the new sparkling alcohol spritz from Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Co., at the Viceroy Santa Monica, Saturday, April 25, 2015.)

Mitchell told us Palm Breeze should be a part of everyone’s summer essentials, so what else should be on our list of things we need this summer? “Good music,” Mitchell told us. “It’s the group of people you’re always with. I always so that no matter where you are, you can make it a good time.”

Who is Mitchell currently listening to? The Weeknd and Frank Sinatra as well as the Eat, Pray, Love movie soundtrack!

Sound like the perfect summer playlist!

Photo Credit: Jeff Lewis/ AP images for Palm Breeze