Please Enjoy These Photos of a Nearly-Naked Zac Efron in Nude Briefs

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Zac Wears a Crop Top
Zac Efron shows off his abs.
Zac Does Push-Ups
Zac Efron works out on the 'Dirty Grandpa' set.

It’s a good day when Zac Efron bestows his shirtless bod unto the world. It’s a great day when he loses his pants as well.

On Tuesday, the 27-year-old was seen running around the beaches of Tybee Island, Ga. wearing nothing but a pair of barely-there, nude briefs. Almost naked, Efron was on set to shoot a scene for his upcoming movie, Dirty Grandpa, as he talked on a cell phone and fought a child over a stuffed animal. (We’re guessing this plays into the movie somehow.)

Also starring Robert De Niro and Julianne Hough, the comedy centers around an uptight guy who is tricked into driving his grandfather to Florida for Spring Break. The film is due out August 2016.

But it’s not like you care what this movie is about anyway, right? You just want to see Efron in his itsy-bitsy short-shorts.

Launch the gallery above — and enjoy.