Blake Lively Was Worried Her Boobs Wouldn’t Fit in All Those Outfits Last Week

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Last week, Blake Lively pulled the unthinkable, changing into nine different outfits in a matter of 14 hours during a press tour for The Age of Adaline, and while she looked effortlessly chic each and every time, it didn’t come without concerns… Mostly, her boobs.

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In an interview with People magazine, Lively admitted she was a bit worried about her breastfeeding boobs fitting into some of the ensembles.

“With all the wardrobe changes, one thing I hadn’t accounted for was that I didn’t have time to pump,” she explains. “So my proportions definitely started to, shall we say, increase throughout the day.”

In fact, the 27-year-old actress almost suffered a fashion fail on live TV due to her, er, voluptuous chest.

“I walked out onstage for one appearance in an outfit that had fit perfectly when I tried it on many hours earlier, but by the time it got on me, I thought, ‘Oh, no! This isn’t going to cover them up at all!'” she admits. “I was very worried about a wardrobe malfunction.”

Though she managed to stay covered up, Lively admits the fashion marathon was a bit much. “In the green room, in the car, in a ladies’ room,” she rattled off a list of all the places she had changed clothes throughout the day.

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