WATCH: Coco Does Bikini Yoga With Her Sister

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Coco is giving the term “bumping uglies” a whole new meaning.

The buxom blonde and her sister, Kristy Williams, are literally going vagina-to-vagina in some of the moves they’re doing as a part of their new #BikiniYoga trend. In a new Instagram video shared by Coco, the model is seen climbing onto top of her sibling in a pose she admittedly made up called “The Butterfly.”

Naturally, she’s also doing all of this whilst in a skimpy two-piece too because, well, she’s Coco.

In another photo of the same pose, Coco writes, “My new trend! #BikiniYoga … Poolside yoga is fun..This is @angelbabynaz and I doing ‘The Butterfly’..Yes, I just made that up.LoL but it looks like it right? Really the poses are #forearmwheel and #bow.”

Coco and her sister had been sharing photos of their #YogaJourney for┬ápast few weeks. Here are just some more poses they’ve recently done.