Pour a Glass of Wine, Put on Some Music, Get Naked, and Take a Bath With FKA Twigs

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Babies Already?
Twigs and R.Patz reportedly really, really want kids.

You are cordially invited to take a steamy bath with acclaimed “Two Weeks” musician (and Robert Pattinson‘s fiancée) FKA twigs.

Twigs’ stylist, Karen Clarkson, shared a photo of the singer/dancer/director/goddess having a good ol’ soak. As everyone knows, when one takes a bath, one is (usually) completely naked. Thus, here is a photo of naked twigs. (Of course, it being twigs, it does almost look like she is vogueing in the tub.)

always have a bath before bed

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So relaxing! So sensual!

Clarkson shared another photo of (a fully-clothed) twigs posing on the bed. It would seem the two enjoyed a glamorous girls night in.

crib for tonight

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Twigs, who is allegedly set to release an EP of new music this year, recently performed at Coachella and will continue to appear at shows and festivals throughout the summer. Of course, it was also recently (accidentally) announced that she and Pattinson are engaged. No wedding details are yet known, but we’ll let you know when we know more. Alternatively, you can just listen for the howling shrieks of Robsten shippers and assume that information has been released.