‘The Bachelor’ Chris Soules Is Caught Up in a Tango of ‘Whitney’s’

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They say, “All’s fair in love and ballroom dance.”

Chris Soules, farmboy-turned-Bachelor star, is now living solo in Los Angeles to wrap on Dancing With the Stars after his fiancée, Whitney Bischoff, returned to Chicago.

Break-up rumors took center stage when Bischoff, an audience regular, was absent from her leotarded loverboy’s performance last week on Dancing With the Stars. In response, Soules disclosed to Glamour Magazine that she decided to return to her life in Illinois to catch up on work and quality time with friends and family.

I’m not even existent to her, and she’s missing friends and home, so she’s going to take some time back there, and I’m sure she’ll be back in the next couple weeks hopefully if I’m still here.

Still, innocent excuses cannot conceal the touchy nature of Soules’ relationship with his dance partner, Witney Carson.

First day of practice went great! @witneycarson #teamsouleshakers #teamtrouble #dwts

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The Bachelor’s grandma added fuel to the fire in a statement to Radar, confessing that she has never met his wife-to-(may)be despite living twenty minutes from their farm in Iowa. Grammy Soules went on to compliment the other Witney in her grandson’s life:

The girl teaching him [to dance] is really something, too. She is talented. I think he’s done really well given that he’s had no [dance] experience before. He has quite improved over the weeks.

Bischoff’s parents defended the couple’s relationship, but were ambiguous as to their plans after Dancing With the Stars finishes filming.

We watched [her win his heart]. It was all over the media so you kind of know what’s coming. We wish Whitney all the best. We’ll see what comes down the plate.

Mmhm. Eyes up here, Chris.

Back on that rehearsal grind. Wearing @theonzie bra and @funkeysclothing pants! #DWTS

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Whatever the status quo on their relationship might be, it appears that Bischoff has the right attitude:

All is well! TGIF ✌️

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