North West Doesn’t Wear Pink on Wednesday or Any Other Day Because She Hates It

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She may not even be two years old yet, but North West knows what she wants when it comes to fashion, and it’s basically the ensemble you tried to pull off during your goth phase in high school… Except better.

North West Is the Cutest
Kim Kardashian shared cute photo of "footsie" player Nori.

Khloé Kardashian sat down with Refinery29 yesterday and dished on her sister Kourtney and Kim‘s two little girls and how different their tastes really are, despite being so young.

“It’s hysterical how kids have their own personalities, even at like 3 or 4,” Auntie KoKo explains. “And, it’s funny what they tend to like. Penelope likes to dress herself, for example, and what she’s drawn to is totally different than what North is drawn to. And, they’re not even 3 years old yet! It’s so entertaining to watch that.”

She adds a funny anecdote:  “They go to ballet class together all the time, and P’s always really girly, while North is normally in an all black outfit. Kim recently put North in an all pink leotard and tutu, and she texted me and was like, ‘Look, I put North in pink just for you!’ North didn’t like it — North wanted a black tutu. And, I just thought it was hysterical, because I was saying [to Kim], ‘Put the girl in some damn pink for a second!’ And, she’s like, ‘I did it for you, and she didn’t like it! I know my daughter’s personality.’ I find that so cute. North is going to be 2 in June, and she already knows what she wants. It’s hysterical.”

Of course we learned months ago that little Nori would never kick it with the plastics due to her hatred for colors. In an interview with Lucky magazine last year, Kim revealed,“[North] doesn’t like pink or purple. She likes greys, creams, oatmeal colors and black.  Every once in awhile she’ll add some color, like with her little red Air Yeezys, but other than that she likes to keep it pretty simple.”

With one exception of course: her go-to Frozen suitcase — and only because it has wheels and she can ride around on it through the airport, duh.

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