Sofia Vergara on Embryos Lawsuit With Nick Loeb: ‘I’m Doing the Right Thing’

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Nick Loeb Breaks His Silence
Sofia Vergara's ex opens up about their embryos lawsuit.
Sofia Vergara Sued
Details on the frozen embryos case.

Sofia Vergara has broken her silence on her legal battle with ex-fiancé Nick Loeb.

The Hot Pursuit star, who is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with her former lover for the rights over two female embryos made through vitro fertilization while they were still together, claims Loeb has no legal precedent to bring the fertilized eggs to life. While speaking with DJ Howard Stern on his radio show Monday morning, Vergara, 42, hits back at Loeb, 39.

“I’m not going through anything. He’s going through something,” she says. “[A baby] needs a loving relationship of parents that get along, that don’t hate each other.”

“I don’t hate him,” Vergara clarifies. “But he obviously has a problem with me.”

Calling Loeb’s plans to bring children into their situation “selfish,” the actress insists that Loeb will not get his hands over those embryos because he had previously signed legal papers. She claims that Loeb did not take the contract “seriously” when he agreed to the legal terms before the procedure.

“There is a contract. He can’t do anything,” Vergara says. “It’s not like a contract they give you right there the moment they’re going to take my eggs out. No, they give this to you in advance. you sit and you review it. And not only that, we did this two times.”

“So, I mean, you make the mistake the first time, and then a year later, when you’re going to get another retrieval, or another fertilization, you say, ‘Wait a minute, this time I want to do it a different way,'” she argues. ““But two times? And suddenly now you want to change your mind?”

The Colombian star adds she’s confident that the judge will be on her side, telling Stern the whole case is not a matter of whether life begins at conception but more that Loeb is trying to break his contract.

“Even if it’s life or not life, that’s not what he signed. He should’ve thought about all of that,” she explains. “I’m doing the right thing. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Vergara adds that she’s leaving her lawyers to deal with the case while she focuses on work and planning her wedding with fiancé Joe Manganiello.

“We try to not even talk about it,” she says regarding their current dynamic amidst the lawsuit. “We try not to think about this because what else can we do? You can’t do anything. It’s signed. It’s done. We have a contract and that’s it.”

Previously, Vergara’s attorney refuted Loeb’s claims that the actress wanted to destroy the embryos, releasing a statement reading, “The claims made against Sofia Vergara by Nick Loeb are uncredible and hold no merit. Vergara has never wanted to destroy her embryos.”

Loeb later penned an op-ed in the New York Times arguing that the legal documents he signed did not specify what will happen to the embryos should the couple be separated, writing, “We signed a form stating that any embryos created through the process could be brought to term only with both parties’ consent. The form did not specify — as California law requires — what would happen if we separated. I am asking to have it voided.”

“I take the responsibility and obligation of being a parent very seriously. This is not just about saving lives; it is also about being pro-parent,” the entrepreneur added, stating that keeping the embryos frozen indefinitely would be “tantamount to killing them.”

Vergara and Loeb are due back in court on May 22.