Bruce Jenner Will Make Bank for Season One of His New Series, ‘About Bruce’

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Step One: Share your inspirational story with the world.

Step Two: Profit.

According to a report from Radar Online, Bruce Jenner has settled on a seven-figure salary for About Bruce, the docuseries on E! that will follow his transition into becoming a female.

The former track star’s salary will begin at $5 million for the first season with the option for a second season and an increase if/when the show becomes a success.

Kris Jenner will have to rely on the “talents” of her daughters to make ends meet as her bank account was left out of the final draft of Bruce’s deal. An inside source told Radar that loose ends on the series’ development were negotiated without her involvement.

She very much wanted to remain as Bruce’s manager, but he wasn’t having it.

It just got a little chilly in here beneath that passing bout of shade.

Though a potentially massive commercial windfall for Jenner, he intends to preserve the charitable intentions of exposing his story to audiences. Radar’s inside source explains:

The show is going into unchartered waters, and E! has been working with GLAAD to make sure it’s done with integrity.

A fair portion of Bruce’s $5 million paycheck will be presumably allotted to the lawsuit settlement for his fatal car crash in Malibu earlier this year. This is good news for Jenner, as he is reportedly under-insured to repay any price tag above $250,000.

The first episode of About Bruce premieres Sunday May 17 at 9 p.m. on E! followed by part two on May 8, also at 9 p.m.