Demi Moore Robbed, $200,000 Worth of Clothes Stolen

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Somewhere in Hollywood, a robber is making off with some expensive duds that cost much as someone’s house.

Demi Moore became a victim of a burglary when $200,000 worth of clothing was stolen from her storage unit in North Hollywood, Calif. According to TMZ, Moore was notified of the theft after her assistant, who went visited the facility on Monday, noticed that there were large empty spaces in the locker where things used to be.

The culprit reportedly only took high-end and irreplaceable items. There was no signs of forced entry, suggesting that someone behind the storage unit could be behind the crime.

Though the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle actress is putting together an itemized list of what was stolen, it seems catching the burglar in question will be a tough. TMZ reports that Moore’s team have not visited the storage center in six months, which means the crime could’ve been commit as far back as 2014 without anyone knowing. Security surveillance at the unit is also said to be limited, making it difficult to find video evidence of the burglary.