Snooki Talks Motherhood, Reveals She Can No Longer Chug Vodka Like She Used to

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Snooki, who was spotted out and about in New York yesterday (May 8, 2015) looking absolutely gorgeous, confesses she can no longer chug vodka like she used to while she was on the Jersey Shore. No matter, because motherhood is very becoming of her!

The former MTV guidette (aka Nicole LaValle) has turned over a new leaf now that she’s a married mother of two. The 27-year-old looks fitter and more beautiful than ever, evident by her fitness-inspiring Instagram for one thing. She is even quite the fashionista.

In an interview with E! (wearing a cute white and blue romper from her own collection), Snooki admitted with a smile,

“I’m not drinking, I don’t have the urge to, because I drank so much from 13 to 24, so I kind of like drank for 10 people’s lifetimes, but once in a while I do like to go out with my girlfriends. And it’s mainly wine, it’s not like chugging vodka anymore. But I love my wine…I can’t hang anymore! I had a vodka shot the other day, and I was hungover for two days. I can’t drink like I used to. I don’t know how I did it.”

Thanks @enews for having me on tonight! Talking about baby bumps, motherhood and my hot mess life.

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Snooki, who tied the knot with Jionni LaValle in November 2014, has two children Lorenzo, 2, and Giovanna, 8 months. On her latest book Baby Bumps, released in March 2015, Snooki explained,

“I wrote the book because when I was pregnant I kept a journal…I wasn’t ready to be pregnant, I always wanted kids, but I just wasn’t ready at 24, I wanted it at 26. So with my journal I just kept writing everything that I was going through—‘Oh my god I want to drink so bad, I need a cigarette’—and you can’t obviously do that when you’re pregnant.”

She added, “So just being first time pregnant and having to deal with all of those things, I wrote it down in the book. Just so when other woman get pregnant they know exactly what to expect. And it sucks—but, it’s all worth it because you have beautiful babies. But I definitely think the whole process of pregnancy, it hurts.”

She also spoke about her little ones, confessing, “Lorenzo’s a pain in the ass. I love him to death, but he’s a pain in the ass, he’s going through his terrible two’s. He talks back to me, he doesn’t listen, but the good thing is he’s terrified of timeout…so if he ever acts up, I’m like ‘you’re going in timeout’ and then he stops.”

Snooki explains that 8-month-old Giovanna, on the other hand, is “just a happy baby, always smiling, she never cries and she’s literally my twin.”

Watch the video above to find out what Snooki has to say about having more kids (how many more kids, and when!), her Mother’s Day plans, and what she wants to do for her honeymoon (she’s still a newlywed, after all!).

In addition, check out the gallery above to see Snooki looking amazing in New York yesterday (with her super cute new lob!).