Celebrity Dating History: Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian Wishes She Had More Confidence Growing Up
Kim Kardashian reveals a secret from her childhood.

The life of Kim Kardashian is really all over the place as she travels a lot for guest appearances, business, etc., and her love life is no different.

The reality tv star has made a name for herself throughout the years including with her infamous relationships from Ray J and her sex tape, to her dramatic divorce with Kris Humphries. With her flawless looks, it is no surprise the brunette beauty got to have a little fun playing the field but she has also settled down a few times seriously.

Regardless of her past love life though, we can for sure say that she is happy now with her beautiful family and we wish her the best.

But let’s still take a look back at the many men of Kim Kardashian and find out exactly what happened between them. Click the gallery above to check out her past relationships,¬†flings, hook-ups and more!