Courtney Stodden Sells Sex Tape for $1 Million

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You can rest easy, world. Courtney Stodden‘s sex tape will be released after all.

Though she previously insisted on keeping her homemade adult video private, the 20-year-old has decided to pull a Farrah Abraham and cash in on her ladyparts, selling the rights to the NSFW clip to Vivid Entertainment for a whopping $1 million.

Stodden claims the sex tape, which is said to feature the infamous teen bride masturbating on camera, was stolen from her home by a friend and made into many copies to be distributed. She tells TMZ that her former pal “made it clear that he will stop at nothing to double-cross me” and that she’s selling the video only because she has “been painted into a corner.”

Celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt tells FOX News that Stodden’s deal was actually done for a while and her refusal to sell the sex tape was a publicity stunt to drum up hype.

Despite the big payday, Stodden says she doesn’t plan on becoming an overnight millionaire. According to the blonde bombshell, who shot to fame after marrying 54-year-old actorDoug Hutchison, she plans to donate all of the money to animal rights groups and charities that help “children with cancer.”