‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Star Adam DeVine Talks His Love for Ryan Gosling, Rebel Wilson and Clay Matthews’ Biceps

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Calling all Awesome Nerds! As if we didn’t already aca-adore Adam DeVine (A.K.A. Bumper) enough, he’s now admitting his love for two people near and dear to our hearts: Rebel Wilson and Ryan Gosling.

'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer
Check out the aca-awesome "Pitch Perfect 2" trailer.

We sat down to chat with the hilarious Pitch Perfect 2 star about the upcoming sequel (which hits theaters on Friday), and he couldn’t help but gush about Rebel — after first admitting he hates most of his co-stars “just as people” (kidding, kidding!).

“I love working with Rebel,” he explained. “I’ve worked with her for a long time. I worked with her on the first season of Workaholics and in the first Pitch Perfect. We always have a good time together. It’s nice working with someone who has a comedy background so you feel comfortable doing improv with them.”

In fact, DeVine said much of the film was improvised — “36% was 100% improv’d,” to be exact — including a hilarious date scene between him and Rebel during which he actually shed a few tears. “I felt like a young Gosling,” he dished (LOL).

That romantic scene caused us to wonder what his real-life dream date would include, and of course it’s just as wild as you’d imagine:

“Hot air balloon that would land in the middle of the pacific ocean. Oh my! It’s gonna go down, but wait! What is floating? We’re in our bathing suits. We swim… Oh my gosh! It’s a jet ski big enough for two people with enough gas to make it to Hawaii… We’re cruising. She’s holding on. There’s dolphins, there’s sharks, there’s nature, there’s mystery, there’s magic.”


So which celebrity crush would he take on this, er, wild date? None other than Ryan Gosling himself.

And speaking of sexy men like Ry Gos, hunky Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews also makes an appearance in the film — you know, that part in the trailer when Rebel says “I’d like to be the ham in that man’s sandwich” — and while DeVine loved having him on set, some jealously totally kicked in.

“Clay Matthews loves showing off his biceps,” DeVine recalls a funny behind-the-scenes moment. “So I kept getting jealous because all the girls were attracted to him and his weird neck muscles — that guy has forehead abs, it’s incredible — so we had a flex off.”


Hmm… Wonder who won that?!

Finally, we couldn’t finish our conversation without asking who DeVine would choose for his a capella group if he could pick anyone in the world. Of course his instinct was immediately Gosling, but he also decided on Kevin Hartand Chris Rock because he’d be going for humor more so than singing talents.

Their winning song? He predicts “No Sex (In the Champagne Room),” but also admits that Big Sean‘s “Dance (A$$) Remix” with Nicki Minaj would come in close second.

Make sure to catch many more laughs with Adam DeVine and the rest of the Pitch Perfect 2 cast when it hits theaters tomorrow!