FKA twigs: ‘It’s Really Hard’ but ‘I’m So Happy’ with Robert Pattinson

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FKA twigs confesses that despite all of the drama that comes with dating Robert Pattinson (including but not limited to racist remarks thrown her way by die-hard Pattinson fans), it’s totally worth it.

She told the New York Times that dating (and being possibly engaged to) the Twilight star is “really hard — I can’t begin to explain how awful it is. It makes you want to just stop everything sometimes. It makes you want to smash your face into the mirror.”

And what’s worse than the paparazzi tracking her every move and photographing her at any opportunity are the racial insults she’s on the receiving end of on Instagram and Twitter.

“It’s relentless…There’s no amount of songs I can sing or dances I can dance that will prove to them I’m not a monkey,” she said.

Nevertheless, twigs (born Tahliah Barnett) says “I didn’t see my life going this way at all. But it’s worth it. I’m so happy…Nothing can impale my work or make me choose not to say things a certain way or make an image the way I want.”

As for her stunning and much talked about Met Gala gown by Christopher Kane (which featured a tiny little penis in the corner), FKA twigs remained cool as a cucumber.

She remarked, “Everyone was just like, ‘Oh, look, there’s a penis!’ I didn’t think about it. I’m so naïve. I’m like, ‘I’m wearing art!’ ”

FKA twigs is now in the midst of creating her latest performance, “Congregata,” which is “a two-hour performance pairing her silky, deconstructed electronic songs of lust and pain with a decade’s worth of her dance influences.”

Plus, she has three sold-out shows coming up at the Brooklyn Hangar, starting Sunday.

FKA twigs is undeniably a force to be reckoned with.