‘KUWTK: About Bruce’ Part 1 Recap: Kim Kardashian Has Kept Bruce Jenner’s Secret for 12 Years

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Bruce Jenner, Kim Kardashian
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The first part of Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce aired last night and we’re breaking down the emotional episode below!


On this TV special, Bruce Jenner talks to his family about his transition. This episode is a combination of solo interviews with the Kardashian-Jenner family members and footage of Bruce talking to his family. Here are the top five moments you missed:

1.Kendall Jenner reveals that she discovered Bruce’s makeup when she was a kid. In her interview, Kendall explains, “I remember being a kid and not going on. I just remember being little, and not really knowing what was going on. We would find things like makeup or like lipstick, and we thought he was having an affair at one point and we didn’t know what to do. We didn’t want our family to be broken up, so we wouldn’t tell anybody.”

2. Kim Kardashian says that she kept Bruce’s secret for 12 years. In her interview, Kim talks about a time when she saw Bruce dressed up like a woman. Watch the video clip below to hear Kim explain what happened next.

3.Khloé Kardashian gets angry with Bruce because he isn’t being honest with her and the rest of his kids. Khloé and Kendall sit down with Bruce at his house in Malibu.

When Khloé asks Bruce, “Are you planning on not being Bruce anytime soon?” He responds, “That’s quite possible, yeah.” This response gets Khloé angry, she tells him, “I don’t think you could just say ‘that’s quite possible,’ like you have children. You don’t need our permission but you need to tell us.”

The two go back and forth for a bit, and he reveals that Bruce will probably be gone “in the spring.”

4. Bruce confirms to Kim that he’s becoming a woman. Kim goes to visit Bruce, and the two talk about his transition.

Kim asks Bruce, “So do you, are you fully going to become a woman? Because you never told me that, but I’ve heard it, it’s been like the rumor.” Bruce then tells her, “I see myself in the future that way.”

Bruce hesitated when he gave his answer and Kim tells him, “So when you’re talking to mom and the girls, you have to say that and you can’t hesitate. Hesitating four seconds makes us feel like you’re lying, when you already know the answer. You’ve probably already made the appointment.”

Bruce then admits, “Well, yeah.” Kim looks surprised and says, “You have? You said in the future like it was in five years. This is like happening this year?” To which Bruce replies, “Uh, yeah, probably yeah, yeah.”

5. Bruce reveals he had a nose job and an upper lip lift. Bruce has all of his daughters over to his house to talk. Things still aren’t great between Khloé and Bruce after their prior meeting, so there is still some tension during this next meeting. Bruce starts the meeting by saying, “Well Khloé, the last time we talked, you said ‘we have to get everybody together.’ So where do you want to start?”

Khloé then tells everyone, “Well, I think we should start with, Kendall and I came here to see Bruce, and Kendall and I found out a lot is happening. Bruce is under the impression that he’s told all of us everything. We had to find out that Bruce is fully transitioning in spring. He claims that he told us all of this, and that’s what I’m pissed about.”

Everyone then gets involved in the discussion, they just want Bruce to be honest about his plans. Bruce goes on to reveal he had a nose job, an upper lip lift. He also reveals plans to do get work done on his forehead and his jawline.

Bruce also talks about his much talked about long hair and reveals, “The worst days of my life are the days I’ve had to get my haircut.” He goes on to say, “The haircuts for me have been the most traumatic things in life.”

Bruce then breaks down into tears and tells everyone that his family is “his greatest accomplishment.” Watch the clip below.

This is how the first part of the TV special ends. Part 2 of About Bruce airs tonight on E!

Here’s a preview of the second part: