In Honor of Memorial Day: A Look Back at Hollywood’s Notable Deaths in 2015

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Celebrity Deaths of 2014
We reflect back on Hollywood's celebs we tragically lost in 2014.

In honor of Memorial Day, we take a look back at Hollywood’s notable deaths so far in the year of 2015.

The holiday is usually known for the beach, BBQ, friends, and just overall a good ol’ time as it’s the first day to finally plan out the rest of your summer. However, the holiday is mainly celebrated to honor those in the military who have passed away while serving in the United States.

Sadly, we have also lost some of our favorite celebrities this year, too. We have lost soul singers, filmmakers, creators and actors of some of our favorite shows, and more. Although they might not be here physically, their spirit and talent remains with us.

So, we take a look back at the famous faces we lost in 2015 so far, who made us laugh and overall feel good over the years. To view Hollywood’s notable deaths of 2015, launch the gallery above.